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MX Advisors is dedicated to providing clients with the best solutions for their business valuation and forensic accounting needs. Our expert witness services contribute to litigation support in a way that is fact-based and impactful, while offering the crucial insight and analysis needed to resolve a myriad of complex disputes. Our team knows what to look for, where to look, and how to analyze and interpret the facts we find. We know how to effectively explain our findings, and tell the story behind the numbers, so all parties come away with a clear understanding of what happened and how.

why choose Mx advisors

As economic and market conditions change over time, so does a corporation’s value. To that end, MX Advisors has the business valuation experience critical to providing accurate and thorough business appraisals for major business proceedings such as acquisition, liquidation, mergers or stock transactions.

Our certified analysts (AICPA & NACVA) provide expert business valuations with a fundamental and solid understanding of business from the ground up. We excel in examining each individual company’s complex data to arrive at a comprehensive analysis, and do so while upholding NACVA’s professional standards of confidentiality and objectivity. Our attention to detail assists corporations to make critical business decisions facing them in a fully informed and confident manner.

MX Advisors is also committed to uncovering a corporation’s financial condition through forensic accounting. Over the course of an investigation, our accounting and investigative skills will detect and decipher transactions that may have intentionally or unintentionally affected your organization. MX Advisors can implement a forensic accounting investigation to address a corporation’s specific needs concerning a variety of circumstances.

We are accomplished in all stages of litigation support and alternative dispute resolution. We have the technical capabilities and expertise necessary for testimony that is documented, unbiased and easy to understand.

MX Advisors has expert witnesses who are court appointed as valuation and accounting experts, fiscal agents and custodians. We understand the importance of communicating our findings with clarity and precision in a legal setting.

Selecting the right firm for business valuation, forensic accounting, and litigation support can mean the difference between a fair and equitable resolution or continued long-term pain and financial loss. MX Advisors is devoted to providing transparent and credible analysis that is factual, objective and unbiased. Our team of professionals have the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to handle your challenges and carry them through to a satisfactory conclusion.

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